Maikubi 1/1

Sold out $100.00

The story goes, three samurai; Kosanta, Matashige, and Akugorō were heavily drinking and began to argue. The drunken argument escalated and swords were drawn. During this fight they cut each others heads off. The heads rolled into the sea, but their argument was not finished, they became onryō. The three heads floated to the surface and began their dance, spitting flames and biting at each other.

Now the Maikubi still haunt the sea, they can be seen at night causing waves and spitting fire. The bad luck they bring keeps sailors away.

Want to bring this bad luck home and far away from the sea? The Maikubi mug measures approximately 7.5" tall and holds approximately 30 oz of liquid. Drink responsibly and don't cut your friends heads off.